Hey everyone, with finals and fourth exams just around the corner you may want to stop and check out this board because it is all bout anxiety and how to handle it.  If you feel you have anxiety then this board is perfect for you.  Even if you don’t have anxiety this would be a good board to check out because you can help your friends out with some tips or keep yourself from developing some anxiety.  Make sure you check it out!


Game Night

luke winnerpublicity

Game night went very well! Thank you for all who attended. We flew through all of the food and drinks that we had and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and many want to have another game night.  Luke ended up being our big card winner and we will probably be having another game/ card night sometime to pass the trophy around so don’t miss out. Overall I think this was a great way to step back and boost your emotions while being stressed from school and jobs and other things.

We Were On A BREAK!


If you are struggling to get back into the swing of things, come down and check out this board. It has many helpful tips that will help you remember “how to school” after coming off of a fun break.  You can also get a kick out of the reference of the title

Did You Know…

did you know

Hey everybody,

When you walk by this board make sure to check it out. You can learn a new fact and share it with your friends to start a conversation. There are facts that you may know such as the likelihood of being struck by lightning to some that you may not know such as how many sheep are in New Zealand.

Grill In


On Saturday me and some of the residents on 1 East had what was originally supposed to be a grill out.  Well it was pretty chilly so we decided to grill the hot dogs and bring them inside and eat them.  I will be trying this again next weekend with the hot dogs that re left when it is supposed to be warmer.  Maybe we can have a little sunshine.

Women’s Weekend

Thank you Dr. Pip for your great presentation on gender and how we perceive it and thank you to Mike who joined me in attending the presentation.  If you missed out at this years women’s weekend speakers I strongly recommend to go to it next year.  Now many may not have gone because it is called women’s weekend but it really encompassed both genders in the presentation.

Spring is on its way


None of us can wait for spring to get here.  It seems like it has been cold for such a long time. Soon we will be Marching into warmer weather and for many of you it may be your last spring in Platteville before graduation so enjoy it.

World Changers


Have you ever thought why some of those equations and theories that you are taught in your class are important? Here you can find that out.  These are some of the big equations that have helped the world to get to where it is today.   who knows maybe one of you will be able to create a world changing theory.


Super Leader


Being a leader can be a very important tool for many things like class projects and positions you may obtain in a job.  This board can help you to be the best leader you can be by showing you some leadership skills that your favorite super heroes have.