May the Force Be With You

Snapchat-1578263390 (1)May the Force be with you as many of your first exams are aproaching…including mine(gulp).


Going Camping?

20170903_195540If you are thinking about going camping anytime soon, you might want to refresh your knowledge real quick.  Read about some of these camping tips that will help to keep you out of trouble on your next trip.

I Need Ideas

20170903_195554Hey you guys!  Here is a great way for you to give me some ideas of what you would like to see done this year.  Just use the pen to write on one of the papers a game, event, activity, etc. that you want to do. please feel free to write more than one.

Welcome everyone to the 2017-2018 school year!


Hello all!  I am Chandler Steele and I am so excited to be your RA this year.  This is my first year as an RA so I am going to need your help.  Toward the middle of the hallway there is a bulletin board that you can interact with!  All you have to do is write an activity or two that you would like to see be an event this semester. Down the hall way there is another board where you can learn all about me.  feel free to come in and talk to  me in room 124 while you are looking at the bulletin boards. I cannot wait to kick this year off!