untitled.png We had a lot of fun at Buffalo wild wings last night as a little wing event. not as many people went as I was expecting but we still had a lot of fun. I learned some more about Mark such as his interest in cars and formula one. hopefully next time we can get a few more people to join!


Pumping Iron

untitled.pngHad a good workout with Josh yesterday just wanted to share this sweaty gross picture.  Anyone is welcome to join me going to the gym or maybe I could try running with one of you(I don’t run very often).  Josh and Dylan like to occasionally come with me and its a lot more fun going with a partner and you are able to help push each other a lot harder. Just remember to always be pushing yourself to make yourself the best you can be.

Movie Night

movie night

Had a lot of good laughs with Elijah, Jessop, Caleb, and Michael while watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  It was definitely a different movie than I was expecting but was still a good time.  just a reminder, if you ever have any ideas of new activities to do as a wing please let me know.  we may be taking a trip to B-Dubs on Thursday for boneless wing Thursday.

A Healthy Mind


Self care is very important.  With out it you can feel weighed down by many of the challenges in life.  The big thing that many people get mixed up with is the difference between self care and self indulgence.  The main difference is are you doing something to better yourself.  This board can give you some steps to self care and helping to find who you want to be.

Know Your Limit


Drinking is a big topic on college campuses so you might as well know what you are talking about. On this board you can learn a lot of the unknown facts about drinking as well as looking at the chart to find where your limit is.  Just remember, alcohol can be fun as long as you are being safe.

Game night!


Had a great time playing cards with Jesse, Lucas, Elijah, and Joe!  Me and Lucas taught some people how to play Euchre and Lucas showed all of us how to play a game called three card which was very fun.  After a while Michael came to the lounge and played some magic while I cut out some slides for my bulletin board. cant wait to have another game night!

Boxes and Walls..

20180211_213145On February 7th, Michael, Caleb, and I went to go eat at Bridgeway and then check out boxes and walls.  While walking through, you get the sense that it is like a museum.  There is so much information about so many topics that you really cannot take in nearly all of it in one time through.  It really got us thinking about how we see some of the topics that were presented and how we can better address some of those topics.

Super Bowl Party!


Thank you to those who came down to the basement for the superbowl party.  I know it was last minute but we still had fun.  I’m sad to see the patriots lose but it was a good game.  only one punt, sack, and fumble, and interception in the entire game.  Not only that but there were almost 1200 yards payed in the game which is more than any game ever played!

Game Night

20180120_205301To kick off the year me, Jesse and some of the residents on third floor got together and played some games. the first game we played was ware wolf which is a fun acting game where you have to eliminate the ware wolf before everyone else is eliminated by the ware wolf.  The next game we played was betrayal which I just became really confused really quickly.