Pumping Iron

untitled.pngHad a good workout with Josh yesterday just wanted to share this sweaty gross picture.  Anyone is welcome to join me going to the gym or maybe I could try running with one of you(I don’t run very often).  Josh and Dylan like to occasionally come with me and its a lot more fun going with a partner and you are able to help push each other a lot harder. Just remember to always be pushing yourself to make yourself the best you can be.


Know Your Limit


Drinking is a big topic on college campuses so you might as well know what you are talking about. On this board you can learn a lot of the unknown facts about drinking as well as looking at the chart to find where your limit is.  Just remember, alcohol can be fun as long as you are being safe.

Reverse Tug of War!!


The team that dreams are made of showed up for reverse tug of war and kicked some major butt( we even took out the Resident Dragons). Thank you also to those who came and supported us.  The event may not have ended the way we wanted it to but we had a lot of fun and got some excersise too!