We Were On A BREAK!


If you are struggling to get back into the swing of things, come down and check out this board. It has many helpful tips that will help you remember “how to school” after coming off of a fun break.  You can also get a kick out of the reference of the title


Did You Know…

did you know

Hey everybody,

When you walk by this board make sure to check it out. You can learn a new fact and share it with your friends to start a conversation. There are facts that you may know such as the likelihood of being struck by lightning to some that you may not know such as how many sheep are in New Zealand.

World Changers


Have you ever thought why some of those equations and theories that you are taught in your class are important? Here you can find that out.  These are some of the big equations that have helped the world to get to where it is today.   who knows maybe one of you will be able to create a world changing theory.


Super Leader


Being a leader can be a very important tool for many things like class projects and positions you may obtain in a job.  This board can help you to be the best leader you can be by showing you some leadership skills that your favorite super heroes have.

Keys for Success

Snapchat-671038431Since we started the New Year I thought we could al use some tips to make this the best year yet.  There things on there like trying your best and looking to make new friends this year because you can never have enough friends. These keys could help open new doors in to your life to help you have a great year.